Pregnancy Yoga

Mamaste prenatal/pregnancy yoga classes are suitable for pregnant women from 14 weeks all the way until birth.


Attending a yoga class offers a beautiful way for you to connect with your baby whilst giving you the opportunity to build strength, stamina and flexibility. It can help you to relax throughout your pregnancy and prepare your body and mind for birthing your baby.


Classes will teach you invaluable breathing techniques for labour and birth, adapted postures to ensure effective practice that will help your changing body adapt – all in a safe and gentle way under the guidance of a qualified prenatal yoga instructor. 


There is no need to have any yoga experience to join the class and necessary adaptations can be made. 

Each week we have a different focus for our  physical practice, these include:


Pelvic floor and womb yoga

Strength and flexibility 

Optimal foetal positioning

Birthing Prep 

The pelvis and pelvic girdle pain 

Sleep yoga 


Classes finish with a beautiful guided relaxation, teaching you how to bring calm to you and your baby. The classes work in perfect harmony with a hypnobirthing course or the birth prep workshop should you wish to enhance your journey.

It also gives you a great opportunity to meet other ‘mummies to be’ and start building your community. Our online classes include membership to a closed group and virtual 'mummy to be' meet ups.

New Mum Yoga - Stretch and Strengthen

"New Mum" Stretch & Relaxation 


Schedule some ‘me’ time into your week!


A gentle restorative class with yoga based movements and relaxation, focusing on rebuilding strength and working into those areas that cause common aches and niggles associated with motherhood. Relax, stretch and calm your body and mind.


Classes will have a different focus each week including:


Core strength

Pelvic Floor

Upper Body 

Lower Body

Self Love


All classes will finish with a beautiful guided relaxation, leaving you feeling refreshed and revived


This class is designed especially for new mummies and will help stretch and strengthen your body and is the perfect start of your postnatal fitness journey. However all mummies wanting a gentle stretch and relaxation session are welcome.

Mum and Baby Yoga 

Baby yoga is about having space and time to be together, relax and have fun. Mamaste classes encourage mum and baby to take some time out from the pressures and demands of daily life and to connect through positive interaction, awareness and nurturing.


Practicing yoga with your little one will to encourage your baby’s natural development, through guided movement it offers the perfect amount of sensory stimulation to enable your baby to be calmer – resulting in better more relaxed sleep patterns, it can also help your baby with physical issues such as colic and constipation.


The class gives you as a new mum just the right amount of physical post-natal exercise to encourage your body to rediscover itself whilst offering a perfect sanctuary for bonding, nourishing and nurturing your unique, positive relationship with your baby.


Its your journey…. Relax and simply enjoy it together


I would 100% recommend Lucy's pregnancy yoga class. I started around 19 weeks pregnant & really enjoyed the yoga, relaxation and Lucy's knowledge about our pregnant bodies and hypnobirthing made me confident and excited for labour! Towards the end of my pregnancy Covid-19 meant our classes were cancelled but not wanting us to miss out Lucy quickly changed them to online and also arranged Zoom chats so we could still support each other through the uncertainty of being pregnant during a pandemic! She did all this whilst being pregnant herself! I'm now looking forward to hopefully joining her mum & baby yoga classes with my little girl whether they be in person or virtually.