Enter your birth feeling calm, in control and knowledgeable

Birth is a challenge but a challenge that every woman should embrace and feel confident about

This course gives you and your birth partner the essential tools, understanding and knowledge so you can feel prepared and enjoy your birth.

This 4 hour workshop is an essential guide for you and your birth partner, we will cover:


  • Stages of labour and what might expect

  • Breathing techniques to use throughout labour

  • Self relaxation tools

  • Massage methods 

  • Active birth movements 

  • Positioning of baby for birth

  • Birth proposals

  • An insight into hypnobirthing

  • Practical information and guidance that will be helpful for your birth

  • The 'Golden Hour' - those precious hours following your baby's birth


Lucy teaches her birth support workshops, that whatever your ideal birth or however your birth goes how you can be incontrol & make choices along the way. Marc & Myself would 100% recommend her workshops we had so many questions & the course we did with her covered it all. 
Due to reduced movement i had an induction, including balloon, pessary & drip, failed forceps & c-section (I did make the choice in theatre that Marc was still to tell me the sex as we didnt know) needless to say it wasnt quite as planned, but using the tools & knowledge Lucy gave us we got through it laughing most of the way. 
By the time i was post section enough to do the mum & baby yoga we were on lockdown. This was gutting as i had done pregancy yoga. But Lucy even heavily pregant checked in to make sure we were ok & set up a zoom chat for new mums!! 
If you are going to book any course about Birthing, this is your lady

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