Enter your birth feeling calm, in control and knowledgeable

Birth is a challenge but a challenge that every woman should embrace and feel confident about

This course gives you and your birth partner the essential tools, understanding and knowledge so you can feel prepared and enjoy your birth.

This 4 hour workshop is an essential guide for you and your birth partner, we will cover:


  • Stages of labour and what might expect

  • Breathing techniques to use throughout labour

  • Self relaxation tools

  • Massage methods 

  • Active birth movements 

  • Positioning of baby for birth

  • Birth proposals

  • An insight into hypnobirthing

  • Practical information and guidance that will be helpful for your birth

  • The 'Golden Hour' - those precious hours following your baby's birth

"We attended the birthing workshop which was really good! We both left feeling calm and prepared for anything! The class was intimate, friendly, informative and relaxed. We learnt more or less everything we need to know. Thank you!"


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