Congratulations on the birth of your baby! The next part of your journey begins now….

Baby yoga is about having space and time to be together, relax and have fun. Mamaste classes encourage mum and baby to take some time out from the pressures and demands of daily life and to connect through positive interaction, awareness and nurturing


Practicing yoga with your little one will to encourage your baby’s natural development, through guided movement it offers the perfect amount of sensory stimulation to enable your baby to be calmer – resulting in better more relaxed sleep patterns, it can also help your baby with physical issues such as colic and constipation


The class gives you as a new mum just the right amount of physical post-natal exercise to encourage your body to rediscover itself whilst offering a perfect sanctuary for bonding, nourishing and nurturing your unique, positive relationship with your baby.


Its your journey…. Relax and simply enjoy it together

"I've just finished my second course of Mum and Baby yoga, and I had so much fun! It was great meeting new mum's but also having a bit of me time doing some relaxing yoga, all whilst having my little boy next to me who equally had so much fun with lots of giggles! I would recommend Lucy's classes to any new Mum/future Mum's, she makes you feel so welcome when you're going through such a life changing (albeit wonderful!) experience"


"A fantastic session with a really wonderful teacher. Lucy creates a relaxed and lovely atmosphere for both mother and baby. She makes you feel totally at ease even when your baby is being fussy. Definitely recommend for babies of all ages"


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